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Case Study published in EGR Intel Gibraltar Report 2018

One of our clients is an egaming start-up going through the Gibraltar licensing process in 2018. The team had no pre- existing infrastructure in Gibraltar or elsewhere and, as with all new ventures, knowing the scale of your infrastructure requirements is not always clear from the outset.

This client came on board back in the summer and they have steadily been developing their platform throughout the autumn. The highly dynamic nature of our cloud enables them to ‘spin up’ development and test servers on-demand, run them for a few hours then tear them down before reiterating the cycle. They only pay for the hours the resources are being used and for the volumes of data that move in/out of the internet rather than its bandwidth.

The Open Standards nature of the platform enables them to control and scale it through powerful API interfaces. They’ve integrated them into their codebase for seamless control and scaling up/down to meet their needs at any given moment.
This gives them peace of mind for when they take their product to market. The shape and size of the backend technical infrastructure is one less headache and it’s there for them, ‘on-demand’ as necessary.

This is what the operator in question had to say:

CEO: “The cloud offering from Rockolo allows for rapid expansion of our new and exciting egaming products, without the need for capital expenditure from the outset. Their ‘pay by the hour model’ allows the infrastructure to scale with our business.”

CTO: “This solution allows us to build elastic scale-up and scale-out applications, while the hardware remains in Gibraltar. The OpenStack APIs allow for developer access to the infrastructure programmatically, thus allowing us to create and deploy environments, on the fly, from the codebase.”

But why Gibraltar? The Rock has long been a champion of cloud solutions, and the jurisdiction is perfectly positioned to offer such products to clients from all around the world. It also enjoys an environment which is ideal for locating technology- hungry businesses. With optimum submarine cable and overland fibre connectivity extending from London to Asia, backed up by state-of-the-art Rockolo data centre services, Gibraltar is guaranteed a bright future.

This robust infrastructure is supported by a proven regulatory and legal framework which now has the added bonus of being the first jurisdiction to have regulated Distributed Ledger Technologies for the benefit of Fintech businesses who are relocating to Gibraltar to take advantage of this exceptional environment. This includes Rockolo Cloud services, which are ideal for start-ups who wish to get off the ground quickly without excessive upfront costs.

Cloud computing is undoubtedly the future, and armed with a better understanding of what it is, how it works, and the benefits it offers, we expect more operators and suppliers to embrace the technology and slowly migrate their data systems to the cloud in the coming months and years.

The clouds may be rolling in, but the technology provides a bright future for online gambling operators and suppliers.

Case Study published in EGR Intel Gibraltar Report 2018