On demand dedicated infrastructure

Private cloud provides you with a dedicated and secure virtual environment with the highest levels of availability and flexibility, perfect if your business is in a regulated sector.

Your infrastructure will be coupled to the fastest Internet links available, whether this in Gibraltar or one of our other locations and managed by our experts leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

Pay as you go infrastructure

Do you need complete flexibility or do you need short term additional computing power? Our public cloud offering could be just right for your business needs.

Our public cloud solution provides high elasticity and scalability and offers a vast choice of solutions and computing resources to address the growing needs of organisations of all sizes and verticals.

The cloud pick and mix solution

Are you looking to use a private cloud environment for your infrastructure workloads and complement this with public cloud resources to accommodate occasional spikes in network requirements without the need for additional CapEx?

A hybrid cloud solution could be what you are looking for; our hybrid cloud solution seamlessly integrates your infrastructure, cloud or hosted, to ensure optimum performance and scalability for your changing business needs.

Connecting the Clouds

Connect your infrastructure, physical or Cloud, directly to the major Global Hyperscale Cloud providers including; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud (GCP), Salesforce, IBM Cloud and many more.

By connecting directly via private connection, you avoid many of the security risks associated with internet connections while creating a globally distributed hybrid cloud solution. Perfect for fast moving global enterprises.

Protect your valuable data assets with Cloud backup (BaaS)

Fully managed, scalable backup and archive service using robust and proven technology components hosted in Gibraltar. Your data is captured across the Internet or using private links and the complete backup process is managed end-to-end by us.

Our cloud backup product operates on a simple pay-as-you-use operational expense model meaning you only pay for what you use when you use it. All data is stored securely and held within Gibraltar’s territory ensuring continued compliance and risk mitigation.